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calculator for truss loads..


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am Neeraj here from Dubai...


there is any simple calculator for truss load calculation...??

for example I have a span of 6 mtr litex qd30 truss and I need to hang a load of 1ton distributed in 7 chain hoist is it ok..???




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I'd suggest consulting the manufacturers or the loading tables for the truss in question. They should be able to provide you with this information.


Of course, some people would say that if you're asking these questions on an internet forum, then you shouldn't be rigging this at all...



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Hi, Neeraj,


The data sheet for QD30s truss is here. This will help tell you if your truss can handle the load you wish to fly. However, the "is it OK" part is something you have to be able to answer yourself, as you have a responsibility to yourself, your colleagues and your client to put up a safe structure. We can't know all the factors involved (how the truss is flown and from what, etc.) so it's not possible to say it's OK on the information given.

If you need some local advice, Tom Ralston at Eclipse may be able to help you.



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