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Has anyone had any experience with PAShack.com I ordered bits from there, they took my money and I haven't heard from them for nearly three weeks now. No response to emails or calls either? Just wondered if anyone else is in the same boat...
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Don't know about just been taken over, there is a thread on another forum about non-appearance of kit, no reply to email and no phone contact dated 31st May 2012. That said for three weeks as well.


Looking at the website I think I can just barely see the phoenix rising from the ashes. Alive Ventures came into being in July and a quick look sees no company called P A Shack at Companies House.

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A Whois search of the website reveals a registrant address that looks different from the administrative address (which I suspect is a web design company). Worth a bit of research to see if the registrant is the previous owner - the listing hasn't been updated since 2011. Stockport is the general area.


It's interesting how close that registration address is to the last known whereabouts of a certain mr Paul Tandy....... Perhaps they know each other.......

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Hi All,


Just wanted to register to say hey and answer all your questions... I'm the boss / warehouse sweeper / general dogs body at Alive Ventures Ltd.


PAShack.com has just been taken over by ourselves and re-located to a new depot in Macclesfield Cheshire, which is very almost complete!


The full address is Unit TR1, Big Trade Park, Fence Avenue, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 1LT.


Our contact number is 01625-322185, phone us for a chat in the week or you are more than welcome to visit us straight away if you don't mind a bit of wet paint!


I cannot comment on how PAShack "was" run before our involvement but I can assure all that we are 100% honest and genuine. We are making some huge changes to PAShack at the moment to bring it to the forefront of online equipment sales.


We have even commissioned an iPhone / iPad app, Ok maybe that's just to show off ;).


The head of Ops for our Hire and Sales at Macclesfield is Rupert, feel free to email him direct rupert@aliveventures.co.uk if you have any issues ongoing or give him a call in the week on the main number.


Many Thanks


Ethan King


Alive Ventures Ltd




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