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Hairspray Prison Cell Bars


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I need to make a prison cell with bars for Hairspray but have little budget. I was thinking of making a 8’x4’ frame and then put in bars running from top to bottom. Then painting the whole lot shades of gray. Dowling would be great to use for the bars but is quite expensive. 15mm Polypipe was another idea but it’s less ridged and won’t take paint – but is intrinsically gray.


Any thought on other/better ways to do this?


Many thanks..

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Dowel is expensive, but - oddly - wooden broom handles are not (or at least less so). I bought some 30mm diameter ones recently for approx. £2.50 at a local hardware shop (:) for Bob's DIY in Tunbridge Wells!), but am sure if you're on a budget you could get them cheaper at one of the chain stores.
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Try using 20mm black conduit, rough it up a bit with sandpaper and apply paint.

I've done this twice now with great effect, and both sets are still in decent order and have been used several times by other shows.


3 x 1" main frame plus a centre horizontal.

20mm plastic conduit cut to length. drill 22mm holes in the mid bar to make feeding through easier, and part-drill the top and bottom so the conduit sits in against the butt.

Get some dowel that will fit inside the conduit nice and snugly, and glue about 4 inches into each end.

Drill pilot holes in said dowel so you can secure the conduit in place through the 3 x 1.


And yes, rub the conduit down with fine sandpaper and it will take paint well.


Here is one set being used for Anything Goes.


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Down your way, Roy, best I can find is Toolstation, City Industrial Park at £29.98 inc VAT for 30 X 3m lengths.

Do check around as Trading Depot is usually cheaper and you probably do not need anything other than the cheapest available.


Ynot's method is good and looks quite fine, IMHO.

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