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Electrical Distribution

vinny baby

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Hi, lads and lasses


I have just added quite a few new moving lights to my rig, and im after a distribution pannel to provide over 32amps. I would like the distro to be able to run from both 3 phase, and single phase outlets. I would like the distro to be able to withstand enough ampage for 11 x 250w MSD movers, + room for exspansion.


would it be wise to have socapex outlets on the distro, that I can snake off to 16A connectors, or better to do it some other way


what do you surgest?


Im not a Sparky, so I dont deal with this type of thing.


calculating load, and ampage is as far as I go.


cheers in advance




(ps feel free to move this to the correct forum division, couldnt think where to put it)

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Vince, You have to decide what you want in terms of sockets, soca or lots of 16A's or .... whatever. People rig movers using link leads and Y-leads

Then talk to SE SES or RB from above, or Vipcolighting with the spec for a design and price.


If you spec it for three phase then a short jumper lead from a single phase plug to a three phase socket wired E-E, N - N. and Line to L1, L2, AND L3, via an in-connector jump lead. Do however spec the input connector to carry the full neutral load on the neutral pin.

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Hi Vince,


We custom manufacture distribution units, and can build one to your exact specification. If you call the office, or email/PM me and we can disscuss your requirements and give you a quote.



John Huson

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