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Super-Simple PA


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I need to buy an "idiot-proof resistant" PA system for use in our Dance Studio and other small rooms. I have no idea what's on the market these days in that kind of area, so hopefully some of you guys might be able to help:




Suitable for a room 1500 sqft or so.

CD playback

Microphone (preferably wireless...?)

Ability to plug in another "aux" if possible

All-in-one unit. No separate speakers or cables to run!

Available for Sale in North America. That means the Coomber stuff is out.

Simple as humanly possible.





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Try looking at Karaoke Machines I guess if you're after an all in one box.


With an all in one solution you may be limited in choice of radio mic - I.e .handheld only, there may not be an option for a headset mic if that's what you're after



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The Yamaha Stagepas would fit the bill. Sounds good, plays pretty loud, is portable and foolproof. The Stagepas 500 will produce around 117dB I believe which is quite a lot for a portable system. Also difficult to damage unless it's dropped etc... (a la recent thread) as it contains a DSP which makes it near damn impossible to overload.
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Stagepas is out as it doesnt have CD... the MiPro should be good, we have recently taken their products on as I was impressed after listening. OK, so they are no match for pro-cabs etc but as far as all in one systems go they are one of the better products on the market.
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Does the CD player have to be built in to the main unit itself? A cheap CD player can easily be connected and two of the channels are labelled specifically for CD playback.


EDIT: Bearing in mind, a CD player will most likely be the first thing to go as (especially with cheap players) the lasers tend to fail and they're often beyond economic repair when they do go. If the player is separate, then you only need to replace the player itself...

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I'd suggest checking this company out: anchor audio as they're US based and supply a lot of stuff to the US govt.




I would second Charlie's suggestion of Anchor units. I regularly used several of these



for 2 years and despite being used in inhospitable environments (sea air, 30c+ sunshine, sand etc etc) they withstood the harshness and regularly played CD's for 8-9 hours with no problems. And they have the ability to slave an extra speaker off the master for those environments that require 2 speakers.



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Mobile, for sure. It'll be used in multiple rooms in the same building.


My usual supplier is suggesting a MiPro MA707 or MA705, which look like the right sort of thing. Any experience with these things?



I've been involved with a youth group that used a MIPRO "all in one" when they did promotional events out on the street--not sure what model but it looked superficially like your pictures.


The sound quality was, er, kind of as you'd expect (but not horrendous). I never had occasion to open it up and look at build quality but it's survived quite a lot of bashing around by teenagers, lugging up and down stairs, over uneven paving and so on without any trouble--even been caught out in the rain. The "turns" were certainly able to turn it on and get sound out without any supervision...only faults were them forgetting to plug it in (or plugging in to switched off socket) then assuming there was a problem when the batteries ran out.



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We have some visitors in today who have brought thier own PA. It is Carlsbro, 150w and the whole thing packs up into one lightweight Box. It sounded much better than I would have thought in a 30x 20 metre hall.

plenty of bottom and real clear top.

Dont know if you have access to that make.

I also use a 150W Yamaha Stagepas for small rooms, and have also used it recently in our main hall, due to failure of my mixing desk. It was excellent for speech and cd /computer music.

I would agree with others that you should keep the CD player separate from the rest, they can go a bit weird with vibrations in cabinets.

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