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How to blunt a carving knife and fork?


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Can you not make something a damn site safer from some offcuts of MDF or similar? From a distance you wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway!



MDF of a thickness needed to simulate a knife would probably last about 5 minutes, and to be frank NOT look anything like good enough even on stage.

As for trying to make a long-pronged carving fork out of MDF... Well, good luck...!

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I had to do exactly this for a kid's knife-throwing act (the knives didn't actually get thrown - they were hit against the board with the volunteer blindfold).

I used a Dremel with a stone bit attached, and succeeded on making a groove around the bit, as well as blunting the knives!

TIP: Use the cheapest, crappiest knives you can find - the stainless steel is often of a lower grade and blunts easier.

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