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Eurovision song contest 2008

Joe Bleasdale

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Now looking at some of the above photos there are three grand MA's. WHOOOW! Thats alot of DMX channels!


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If those three grand MA's are the expansion versions then they have a total DMX output of 98304 DMX channels. INCREDIBLE!

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It looked quite like Barco Mitrix, which has lots of strips, which work quite like a guaze, becoming transparent when lit from behind.


While other companies make similar products, I know lets of Barco was in the floor and backdrop last year and think I read somewhere that this year was Barco as well.

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A Basic Kitlist of what was on the job, Cant give specific numbers of each yet though.


Martin Mac 2000 Profile

Martin Mac 2000 Wash

Martin Distributed BigLite

Martin Atomic Strobes

Martin LED LC-Panels 280SQM

LED based Moving head (unsure of details of this, just know they were in the rig)


8Lamp Moles

4Lamp Moles


Bus Stop Flown FOH Followspot Rig, unsure of spots but will be something around the Gladiator size.


3x GrandMA Full Size +backup


Thats the basics I can give you at the moment.

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