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Rolling Risers


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Just been asked last minute by a promoter to get a rolling riser in for a band I got in my venue. Have rang round my local hire company’s and been suspired by the price they are asking. So I was wounding if it was worth buying my own.


The riser I would normally use is just two pieces of 8’ x 4’ of steel deck on 1’ legs. So all I really need is the casters to replace the legs.


So what I am asking is, do you guys know where I can buy the casters pre made to fit in to steel deck.

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So I was wounding..


First off - Get the wound attended to. If it's you doing the wounding then please don't - it's not nice.


Second - Have you had a little search for castors on the Blue Room? I think this might have been covered before....

Sources of large wheels - This would require you to find a fabricator to weld a rectangular 8mm steel plate (with four holes for mounting the castor) to the bottom of a steel scaffold tube.


Third - Phone other staging suppliers who will help verify prices;

LiteDeck Rolling Risers





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Do you want it raised 1inch? or just want rolling deck.

Perhaps some wheels off screwfix and some coach screws to hold them in. We are using them for our set at the moment to get it moving about.


Of course you will need breaks as well.

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Be very careful about simply screwing castor plates direct to riser boards. This will assume minimal loads and effectively makes all the riser frame (ie. the steel work in steeldeck) not only useless but additional weight.


For achieving low clearance rolling riser I weld steel box section to the original frame and then weld mounting plates for the wheels to that.


For supply of wheels alone I have gone with Bazroll. I can highly recommend. And for brakes I suggest making sure they lock on both swivel and wheel.



All that said I would seriously contest the requirement. Normally this is reserved for festival changeovers. Do they really need it?


/edit: Just noticed the date of OP for 'last minute'. rrrr

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If you need wheels for steel deck use a scaff supplier (deborah scaffolding supplies) they are cheaper than buying direct from steel deck. They sell large nylon white wheels for scaff tower's which are exactly the same as steel deck ones. They have a screw on the side for a brake. They can be bought for around £25 each new. They come so you can insert into standard steel scaff tube they need a little work on to fit in Ali pipe. They also do a model that fits over scaff pipe, ideal if your legs have nylon floor inserts. You then cut your leg to size for the height of riser. SSE do have proper wheels but they will charge you the earth. Find a local engineering firm to make your legs in ali or steel. They weld a plate on the base and you attach your standard flightcase castor. Make sure you use at least two lockable wheels on a riser pref one on each corner. Steel deck risers or Litedeck are way better than SSE ones, I have used SSE risers and they fall to bits all the time, also the wheel clamps are stripped all the time by over tightning. They have been used for years and still manage to get most of the large scale festival stages though.


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