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Panic at the disco + Paramore, what moving heads


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Hey folks,


I recently saw these 2 bands play, they both used these moving head sort of wash lights,


The only way I can describe them is like a dish, they had colour changers .etc, I wish my desciption could be somewhat better.


They can be seen on www.fbrplus.com on the panic at the disco live video.


Just wondering what they are and whether anyone rates them?





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They look like VL5/500's to me.


Same here, snouts are too long for Color Commands.


The dot in the middle is a clear indicator, as is the rim of light spill at the back of the unit.


To be fair the Color Commands also have a similar dot in the middle, see here. But your right the riing of spill at the back is a dead give away!

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To save people viewing the videos:






Yep, VL500s almost certainly. Possibly aging VL5s, but I doubt it.


I used to love my VL5s.

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