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Digital Lighting Bars


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from the now closed "£8k to spend at school" thread, digital lighting bars were mentioned - and I questioned the idea thus...

Digital lighting bars??

You mean bars with a DMX dimmer bolted on the end?

and Dave replied:

They do exsist!!



...pointing at the ETC Smart Bar.

Well, yes, I've seen these, and would probably give that in a way these could be described as a 'digital lighting bar' but is that not perhaps going a little too far?

It's a lighting bar with a DMX (yes, that's digital) self-contained dimmer incorporated...


I may be going a bit too far, feeling this description is a tad OTT....


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Laymans term for LED Batten?


Dare I say it... Digital Light Curtain?


Only two other things I can think of at this hour that could be called 'digital lighting bar's'

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Oh I don't know. I see no problem describing them as 'digital'. Unless I'm much mistaken I'd imagine that the only analogue signals inside are the mains input and output (and the power supply for the logic). I'd be very surprised if the DMX was turned into an analogue signal and then fed to conventional dimmers.
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Therefore, to call it a digital lighting bar seems a reasonable description for a professional or layman to make.

My point is just that is this what we would normally call just a beast...?

It's certainly not a term I've seen bandied about, tbh...

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Digital sounds so eighties when CD was new and Digital was claimed to be so much better than analogue.


Remember when everything, toothbrushes to lawnmowers, had Turbo appended to it, or the fashion before iPod fpr cars to have to spring a small I in the name , 1.1i ;-), to sell any.

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Now all you need is a blue LED.


I'd give them a Digital Lighting Bar; I knew what he meant. Dimmer bar might be better...

The SmatBar is much more than a Dimmer bar, it's programmable!


In our local hostilery the Snug is much better lit than the Tap Room, that's a Dimmer bar :(

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