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Has anyone seen a leatherman break in any way?


I have not seen it myself until today when while cutting sone glue between some chip board the main blade on my wave snapped strait off and found a new home in my hand... (not a bad cut just a little one really). everyone that was there or heard about it after was shocked that a leatherman had broken and no body had ever seen it before so I was curious to know if any of you have?

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a technician (lose term... not meaning to insult anyone!... without a leatherman / gerber is like:...


Tom without Jerry

Ben without Jerry

A geordie without a string vest

A geordie without a pint of stella


A mackum (sunderland supporter) without suicidal tendancies

a scouser without stolen goods

Morcambe without Wise

Bournemouth without old (dead) people

Steptoe without Son

a house without a door number (! :angry: )

a woman without breasts

tweedle dee without tweedle dum

gareth without jordan

dwight york without jordan

dane bowers without jordan

jordan without .... jordan??

A maglite with no bulb

A maglite with no batteries

A welshman without his.... (baa!)

a piper witout bagpipes

a dvd when you've only got vhs player

a bank account when your student loan for some reason hasn't appeared (HINT!!!!)


the list is endless!

I'm tired now!


only logged on coz I couldn't sleep ... utter some useless nonsense an then climb back into bed


zzzz for now

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I believe (although I own Gerbers) that the Leatherman's warranty covers almost anything.


I've broken a couple of Gerbers (levering cable ties off with the bradawl, most notably) and they were great about it. Sent it back. No questions asked - new one in the post...not even a repair.


I reckon they'll even cover orange-inflicted rusting, Selena.


I'm sure Leathermans service is the same. That's why they cost so damn much.

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I've had the very same thing happen to my leatherman...my blade snapped off just where the hole (that sticks out for your thumb to open it with) starts, I was useing the tool very reasonably..........I think, well that's what I wrote in the covering letter I sent when I got my wave replaced!!! Write to leatherman, including the 2 parts (which should be 1!) at the following address:~


Leatherman Warranty (UK)

Whitby & Co.

Aynam Mills

Canal Head North






There is still one BIG unanswered question though,



How on earth are you going to manage for the week / 10 days before it's sorted? However, I got mine within a week.


Good luck - Lampie :huh:

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Can I send them my enpty pouch saying that I've got a problem with it in that the leatherman isn't there any more :huh:


Yes - I've lost mine - and I'm going to have to get a new one from somewhere


(or go for a change and go gerber....)

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I dont think I can survive without my leatherman, I know it sounds silly to all those who dont have one but not having it today was hell, I realised how anoying it is to carry 6 screwdrivers pliers and a knife...


I miss my leatherman and it only broke last night, I dont know what I will do for the next week or 2 :huh:

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According to the advertising blurb on my Gerber Legend, it has the only multi-tool cutters that will do piano wire. Apparently. Not tried it myself, though. The cutters are replaceable and you get three sets of blades to change, too.
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