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Determining voltage?

Dave m

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someone asked me to help with the above.

It has a euro 2 pin plug. Not a 110 USA type plug. The bumph says 110v . 
I could remove the moulded plug and fit a USA one, running a 110 transformer, but suspect that it’s actually 220v 

How safe (for the device) is it to try 220v? I don’t want to blow up any internal boards.



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Definitely not a good idea to just try it!

First thought is that if it doesn't have a rating plate which clearly states the voltage, current and safety standards, you shouldn't touch it with an insulated bargepole.

It looks like it is a simple lamp without anything sophisticated like a constant current supply so it is pretty unlikely to be dual voltage.

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A two pin Euro plug suggests 220/230 volts, but do not count on this.

 Preferably seek confirmation from the supplier as to supply voltage, if not available then try 110/115/120 volts first. If it works correctly dont use  220/230 volts.

An led array might well be multivoltage but do not count on this

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