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Acme Marveled


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I have been given an acme marveled disco light. When I first apply power all the led lights illuminate and I get 4 or 5 ( I cannot remember exactly how many) flashes. The led lights do not come on again. Is this a sign of a bad function controller? If it helps when powered up the led readout function controller illuminates as it should, the mode led lights light up as they should just the main led lights do not do anything.

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Forgive me Paul but starting a query with "I have been given" always raises a smile but to follow it with "Acme disco light " could well have set me up for the week. I have not clue one what sort of beast or what sort of fault you may have but I thought I would tell you that you have done the spirits of a miserable old g1t no end of good.

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Can you control the LEDs at the fixture manually? Forget DMX input to start with. 

Another thing to try is to disconnect the LED driver board from the control board, if they are separate boards. Often, this will lead the LEDs to go full on on many fixtures. 

These kinds of fixtures are repairable but the economics less attractive. Post detailed pictures of the PCBs for more help from various people here. 

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Thank you to all who have taken the time to reply to my post about the marveled. I have decided to put it on ebay as a spares or repair. I am almost positive it is a busted control unit. I had it given so I have absolutely nothing to lose. I have  one of these lights anyway but  it is an american dj  version and its all plastic so very light and it  is a room filler so no worries there. So I have Wash lighting and a bit of movement so it is all good!






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