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51 minutes ago, chrisnorris said:

Hi, Ive started using Q lab I need more outputs is there a get around I cant afford a licence. cheers chris norris.

I assume from that, when you purchased a vehicle you asked for the body shell then went round stealing parts elsewhere to complete it?

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1 hour ago, gareth said:

Pay for a licence - lots of outputs. Don't pay - two outputs. That's it. Why expect something for nothing?

Pay for 50 litres of fuel and you can drive 500 miles, pay for  a litre in and only get 10 miles, simple.

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Well unles of course you fill the tank and drive off without paying.
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You can add multiple different soundcards to have multiple 2ch outputs in the basic Qlab.

Although the cost of the soundcards cost more than renting the licence.

You can create your show without the licence in advance and then just rent the licence during show week when the multiple are needed. You get credit every time you rent, so if you rent enough you get enough free credit to buy the software. I submit the rental price as an expense for the client to pay. 


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Depending on what you are trying to do, can you make do with 2ch of output by using mono sources?

Eg, if you currently have 2ch for stereo Left & Right at the front, and you are wanting one more channel for a spot effect on stage, can you get away with running the FOH speakers in mono, routing the left output from your Qlab to both, and using the right for on-stage?

Doesn't get you a lot but could work in a simple setup.

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