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Live video keystoning


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I guess you have a poor camera angle, realistically it will be better if you can resolve it in hardware, ideally by improving the camera position.

I used some software many years ago (supplied to us by Barco) which worked well for stills but but it seemed to make parts of the moving image wander around. I'd describe it by saying something moving across the screen didn't all move at the same time.

I'm sure something better exists now though.

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So, I'm wanting to keystone a 4k IP camera picture. I want to use a static camera at a high angle over a large blackboard. A bit like what Kaptivo does but live video. To be able to capture the writing on the blackboard, with out the person who's writing in the way. I need software to keystone the picture. I hope that helps. I have looked into the above, unfortunately no joy. Thanks

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Um... is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your setup which would help our answers? OBS can pretty much do everything V-Mix can, but it depends what else you are doing with V-Mix.


Searching the vmix forum it looks like you can do this within V-mix with a bit of messing about, using the source rotation function (click settings cog for the input)

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