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Help identifying a video panel


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Thanks guys.  

I've supplied a distro to the owner of 76 panels who runs them off a generator on the back of a truck distributed left, right and rear groups.

I'm trying to help the chap, advising him on balancing the loads across the 3 phases.
I have a bit of a concern that he's simply connecting the first (e.g. left) panel 1 and then daisy chaining 30 other screens to the first one.
Attached is a picture of the internal PSU with internal wiring that looks no bigger than 1.5mm.
As a general rule of thumb, what is the maximum number of screens that should be chained together? 
When running the screens draw about 0.75A.

Another thought of concern would be the instanious current draw if they were all powered up in one go.
Any thoughts on this?


unnamed (1).jpg

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4 hours ago, themadhippy said:

if it is 1.5mm then I'd stop at 20

Just as important I'd consider 20 to be excessive due to the connectors used.

I'd be looking at the number used in a set and aim for a dozen which come out to about 6 blocks of about 9A

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The issue you tend to get to with large quantities of video panels isn’t total current draw, but earth leakage. If your supply is on a 16a 30ma rcbo you’ll generally amass earth leakage of more than 30ma before you reach the 16a limit. Neutrik True 1 connectors are only rated for 16a, powercons are rated to 20a, however true 1’s are rated for connection/disconnection under load, where as powercons are not. The connectors on that panel however are not neutrik connectors…

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Being honest, my thoughts on this issue are are hitorically based on C13's and having experienced 4x4 walls using 32" cubes (CRT) on 2 supplies (Manufacturers recommendation) where a poor connexion early in the chain gives some funny effects.

I personally aim for keeping the number of loop throughs down (Not nore than 4 light fittings even if they are 30W)

James has mentioned rating of powercons already at 16A (assuming they really are powercons and Dan has the same suspicion). Also highlighted is the potential leakage issue and RCD.

To balance the 3 phase I'd be looking at dividing the system into 3, 25 is far too many, 6 circuits of 12/13 I'd be generally be happy with as long at it works or 9 circuits of 8/9circuits even better.

I aim for numbering or otherwise marking each end of the link cables, it makes fault finding behind a dark stack a lot easier than pulling black cables.

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