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Access denied... Venue's own Risk Assessment documentation


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I know of a Risk Assesment that was sent out dozens of times with a section on risks of working on roofs. It included as a potential risk "Attack by Dragon". 

I was also told by our Health and Safety advisor on a recent job, that a well known staging and rigging company listed in the section reffering to PPE, "Northern crew: large condoms, Southern crew: small condoms"...

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11 hours ago, Stuart91 said:

I've always been tempted to slip in something outrageous (risk of Godzilla attack etc.) and see if anyone pulls me up on it. 

I told this tale here before but one new EHO seriously asked to see my RA for a scheduled flight falling on a torchlight parade we used to do at Caerphilly castle. "Everyone will die" I said and walked away.


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I did some interesting work in a nuclear environment a couple of years back and there were a couple of scenarios in the RA where (should all the mitigations fail) the response was to "run away and seal the door". The final act before performing the process was to actually walk the escape route and post a list of names on the outside of the door. Definitely something that focussed everyones attention.

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