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Name these mics


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35 minutes ago, Ynot said:

QUALITY mounting there...

A plastic mic-clip (just out of top of picture),a K& M boom & a hook-clamp onto a bit of scaff completed the mounting (not a safety in sight)!

Clue - the lower mic will be a ribbon.

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The top one looks like an M8 made by a firm called Film Industries of Kew Gardens  

Is the lower one from a tape recorder? Something tickles the synapses but memory is a funny thing at this distance. 

E2A just noticed where you are and West London might suggest a local "acquisition" for these two?

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6 hours ago, kerry davies said:

West London might suggest a local "acquisition" for these two?

Couldn't possibly comment🙂, but the chap who originally hung them worked at Ealing Studios & the venue used to be littered with ex-BBC speakers from "Redundant Plant" in Chiswick. Good shout for the M8; maybe they were used by film recordists at one time. I had assumed the lower one to be a Coles or Reslo ribbon, but if you are right about the M8 it ought to be a cardioid.

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4 hours ago, csg said:

bottom mic looks like an AKG D12, a kick drum favourite from yesteryear

That was my first reaction but it looks like this one has some sort of loop/lug on the sides for the rope and I remember the d12 having a black moulding for the mic stand as part of the central strip.

Why am I trying to describe it, this is easier:

AKG D12 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone image 2

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3 hours ago, GaryNattrass said:

It's a D25

Good call. I suspect it might have been lying around on someone's workbench at TFS. I've got a couple of D14s here, which are a bit smaller & less robust, one of which has been repurposed as the innards of a dead AXBT.

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