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Bullseye spirit levels for manual hemp flying?


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Hi all. I'm wondering if anybody uses anything other than eyeballing to set rough levels while solo manual hemp flying?

There are some circumstances where it's not possible to level the bar on the stage, or have a level called by another member of crew. Eyeballing it from the side is often unreliable and marking/taping the ropes isn't ideal.

I was wondering whether a bullseye level on the end of the bar might be a good way if you're on your own.

Any tips, tricks, gadgets that any of you know of would be greatly appreciated






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On 7/6/2022 at 3:56 PM, ImagineerTom said:

putting the boring safety hat on here..... should you be flying items in (on any technology at all) if you haven't got someone spotting the object and the stage underneath?

If you can mitigate the risks associated with these by other means, then yes, that's fine.

How that is achieved and how practical that is... is up to the person doing the work of course. But in principle yes you can fly a bar in and out without a spotter providing the risks are mitigated sufficiently.

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I've written plenty of RA's so can conceive of ways it could in theory be done but... If you start actively modifying bars to make it easy for a single person to fly them level (such as by installing spirit levels on them) then you would have to put a whole raft of other safety process's in place to ensure that this tool that should only be used in highly niche situations doesn't quickly become the normal way bars are flown thus creating the new normal of "one person can fly in a bar"

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