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Changing the battery on an Audio Technica ATM 31A Condenser mic.


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Went to recce a church for an external PA. The sound system has not had anyone looking after it for some time (Years?). It has a sound system which looks like it has been installed fairly well by a company with a DIsco/Small band shop background with KAM mixer amp  with no phantom power and condenser mics that need batteries changing regularly. The system is reported as not being very good/not working, I would consider myself lucky if a (non diversity) radio mic receiver with attached aerial in a rack case in the vestry separated by a stone wall and the organ from the transmitter worked at all, never mind reliably.  

Has anyone had any experience of changing the battery on an ATM31A mic? I expect(ed) the lower part of the body to unscrew to reveal the battery compartment (AA Size I think). Whilst the top of the mic unscrewed revealing the capsule a battery compartment was not apparent or I missed it. I suspect the bottom of portion of the mic needs to be removed and that it may be seized by a corroded battery. Can anyone confirm whether this might be the case? I have read the User manual but seek clarification from anyone with experience of these particuar mics. I was not able to spend much time on a problem that was not mine at the time. 

Sometimes it might be good to have a hand with these jobs. Anyone in the Macclesfield area interested in teaming for ooccasional jobs? Not full freelance long day rate but sensible none the less, easy work and what I would be prepared to do similar for. If you are interested PM me.    

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7 minutes ago, Dave m said:

Thanks for the reply, the manual I had already read, but the ebay photo was instructive. I don't know that I noticed the second lower ring on the mic body, the light was not good, I also suspect the battery may be swollen, a label on the mic said AA fitted 2008, no idea if it has been changed since! If it hasn't probably a write off. 

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There's a join by the lable about an inch from the ball, just unscrews and the battery slides out...


Well my 8033's do... ** laughs out loud **


Good luck with a 15 year old battery, let us know.

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It took a lot of effort (Vice and Pipe grips) to open the mic. The battery inside was if I recall correctly dated too 2027 and not leaking which was a surprise. However there had defiinitely been leakage in the past and the -Ve terminal disintergrated. I valliantly fabricaated a replacement to no avail, the mic was dead and could not get the case back on the mic. All 3 static mics (Of diiferent types) have suffered the same fate. Installing a small band style mixer amp without phantom power where condenser mics might be the best choice (Church with Induction Loop) is not the best option IMHO. The installaton was done many years ago but I doubt pre-dates readily available mixer amps with phantom. I suspect the whole system may end up being replaced, the speakers are knackered as well. 

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