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encoder wheels for EOS Nomad?


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Hi all,

I work in a college theatre where we run Nomad. Currently, I've got two touch screens and a conventional qwerty keyboard and mouse. While this gets the job done, I'd like to achieve something that is A. more tactile in terms of physically interacting with the control surface and B. removes the need for me to repeatedly teach students a long list of syntax commands on a qwerty keyboard.

I've previously hired in a programming wing, which ticked both those boxes. However, purchasing one is out of budget. My plan at the moment is to instead purchase a High Output command_key for the buttons and a separate unit for encoder wheels; this last bit is where I need some advice:

What are the options? I've seen the space mouse - has anyone tried this out? I also vaguely recall seeing a thread on BR ages ago about a team of users who were developing their own OSC based unit for this exact purpose (maybe it was called light hack or something?), but I can't seem to find that thread. What else (if anything) is available?

Many many thanks

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Lighthack is an education project developed by ETC to support the DIY/Maker community in creating devices to interface with their desks.

https://shop.etcconnect.com/lighthack-box-1/#:~:text=%23lighthack is an educational project,official ETC hardware or software.

If you search for 'ETC Lighthack' you will find an array of homebrew projects, such as this one https://tinkering.home.blog/2019/02/19/lighthack-usb-encoder-wing-for-etc-element/

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