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Haze machine ducting


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I am trying to create an effect where it looks as if haze is coming up from beneath the stage  (a bog / river), and wondered what the best way is to get an even distribution of the haze across a 6 metre stage. Part of the front of the stage will be lowered so everything can be hidden within it. I am thinking some kind of ducting / tubing attached to the machine with some holes along it. I have loads of FloPlast weld waste plastic pipe, would this just melt? Also got some flexible plastic piping. And can I attach the end directly to the output of the machine or would I need an adaptor of some kind? The machine is a Le Maitre MVS hazer.


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It can work but be a pain.

I did it years ago so hard to remember but it relied on umpteen hoses back to the machine and rapid switching back and forth to avoid too much coming out of the shortest pipe.


would a low fogger that uses ice be better

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I don’t know how well it will work with a haze machine - I’ve ducted fog with no issues though.  Worth a shot!  We always seemed to get the best results with the pipe end a couple of inches away from the machine nozzle, for whatever reason it created better airflow.  Flexible plastic piping will be fine, you shouldn’t have an issue with it melting.  You’ll just have to experiment to figure out what works best for you.  On the odd occasion that we did have the piping in contact with the machine, we just gaffered it on - no need for anything special!

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I agree with Dave M, a low/chilled fogger would be better for this effect. I've done ducting with smoke machines and you need the pressure of a smoke machine in full flow to get the smoke down the pipe. I don't think you would get enough pressure out of a hazer to get it to go down a pipe and it wouldn't be very visible when it comes out. 

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