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Temperature Sensors - Martin Rush lanterns


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Hi Everyone,


Wondered if anyone had previously run into issues with Martin Rush MH2 Washes and their temperature sensors reporting back nothing. I replaced the sensor (AD7416ARZ) and the fixture still says that it isn't receiving a temperature, which completely disables light output.

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

(Sorry for posting this as a topic, I just realised after I posted and don't know how to change it)


Many Thanks


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Its a while since I worked with I2C devices, but I seem to recall each I2C sensors having a specific address (so that multiple sensors can be read over the same bus.)

From the data sheet it looks like there are 3 pins on the AD7416 that configure part of the address, but maybe your replacement chip is different.





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Thank you for all your responses!



I have checked the wiring and it seems to be happy from what I could tell. There are 3 PCBs involved - the LED PCB, the LED driver and the mainboard. The LED driver takes a 4-pin connector from the sensor on the LED PCB and sends that down through RS-485 (the same way the mainboard tells the driver what to output on the LED PCB).


On the temperature sensor, it seems that the 3 pins for the address (A0, A1, A2) are shorted to the 5v rail along with VDD.

I did look into doing a firmware update, however that required having to purchases Martin's proprietary USB to DMX firmware uploader that cost over £100.

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So assume you have tried swapping out the driver board for a known good one and checked also any supply rails to it?


On LED heads there can be a local buck converter on the driver board that provides an important rail to drive other stuff. These can crap out and leave some vital part of the circuit dead.

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