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Cages for speakers in a hall


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Ive just gone back into the school where I work and done the kind of 'back to school' tests and found one of our speakers has broken yet again with the high end going. Its a EV ZX 3. We have had it replaced before so my first question is it worth fixing again or am I better buying new ones. Second question as it's a hall, can you buy such things as cages for speakers that are mounted on the wall so far I can just see cages for little flood lights? Last question. Its a sports hall so generally gets rented out to basketball players and etc. If you threw a ball at the speaker would it likely lose its high end? I'm sorry it's a bit of a dumb question but I just need proof to show the school that it may be likely. Thanks
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I'm not sure if there are many off the shelf options, but it's a simple job for a metalworker. Most towns have at least one metal workshop around, give them a call with measurements.


A severe knock could displace the magnet, but on a ZX3 I'd expect it to damage the case before that.

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I agree with Jon about a metalworker for the cage. You'd want to make sure the mesh is quite "open" so that the vast majority of the sound makes it out. (This may not be self-evident to the fabricator, so be explicit about it!)


The HF is more likely to have failed because of overdriving. If the amp clips, it will deliver square waves to the speaker, and these are more likely to affect the HF first. It's not exactly uncommon in a shared facility like this.


If it happened very recently, you could see if the smell of burnt electronics still lingers around the driver - that would definitely mean that it's not physical damage that's caused the problem.

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Off the shelf protective cages: https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/categories/lighting-luminaires-protective-wire-grilles


Edit: realise they're not big enough for the ZX3 but hopefully might help someone else down the line


Your problem sounds much more like it would be caused by overdriving, some form of inaccessible limiting might be your best option.

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Large mesh cages are available for storing gas bottles in the open air, but protected against theft.

Simply search for "gas bottle cage" on fleabay.


Most types are open at the bottom, but can of course be fixed upside down with the opening now at the top. Usually red which is bit ugly, but green or black can be found. the style open at the back is probably what you want.

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supermarket wire baskets though the standard 19 litre is too small for your speakers

I was thinking the same thing,maybe a shopping trolley and 5 minutes with an angle grinder. there'll be plenty to chose from in your local canal.


Good idea, though I would definitely make a name for myself as the person who installed shopping trolleys on the wall!

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