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18650 cells,


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Assuming you are buying genuine cells, do check the cell datasheet if you can. Most people focus soley on the Ah rating. You also need to consider the intended discharge use (and other factors, but that's most important). Cells intended for power tool batteries will have a lower Ah rating, but will survive high current discharge duty well. A USB power bank has a longer term, lower current discharge duty, so these tend to use higher Ah rated cells better suited for this usage.
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Secondlife Storage is other large 18650 database,from the DIY powerwall crew ripping redundant laptop battery packs.




Thing to remember is 18650 is a package size not a specification, bit like looking for a TO220 transistor.


Fogstar cater to vaping market with need for very high discharge rates, Anker brand USB banks can be found with high quality cells that are cheaper than buying cells alone, but other end of scale, low discharge rate.


Avoid anything with Ultra in the name , like Ultrafire or the AAA cells in 18650 sleeves packed with sand.


Sure Clive has a video somewhere on hilarious Ebay rechargeable capacity claims, the 9900mAH AA`s ;-)


Edit from quick glance, real top end on an 18650 is around 4200, 9900 from appropriately named GTF.....


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Just to report back:


I raided our local Pound Shop and bought 5x £2 'power banks' and removed the cells and used them to replace the faulty ones.


The fix seems to have worked - so far.


The markings on the cells were:


18650 3.7V 2200mAh 8.14Wh

SZNS HG40313EL 703255


The TO220 analogy is a good one and thanks for that.


Interestingly the cells they were replacing were actually 22mm diameter x 65mm long so I guess they would be 22650? - which I really struggled to find anywhere.


Thanks all.

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