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ABTT Theatre Show

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There is also another Events sector survey looking for evidence to put before DCMS and the Taskforce etc for 11th June. My link


Do you know if you have to be an ABTT member to watch? I'm not one, but there's some things there I wouldn't mind seeing.

Why not try registering? The one I checked was free and didn't ask for ABTT details just name and email.

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Given that the show is (usually) open to none members to register and rock up, I'd be mildly surprised if the online seminars aren't the same.


Shame I'll be at the day job on those days as there's a couple I wouldn't mind seeing but hey-ho.

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The great advantage of this "new, online world" is you can attend pretty much anything (as long as you're willing to deal with the time zone differences.) I'd encourage you to also check out what USITT are up to with their "Forum @ Four" stuff, and maybe even later this summer, the Org I'm involved with (CITT) are going to run some sessions. I'm already signed up for some of the ABTT sessions.
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