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Mic choice

Dave m

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I spoke to a mate from work's mum today.She's a singer who performs at weddings and in churches, mainly operatic and probably LloydWebber style stuff? She has a kawai piano

She sings in marquees and churches, not all churches are lively, and needs a lift

Someone's suggested a Yamaha powered speaker and it looks good to me (Yamaha dbr10)The speaker has a couple of channels so a mic and piano can be mixed It's quite light ( I guess she's 60?)

Mic wise she was recommended an sm58. They're great mics but for that style of singing would a headset in that price range be better? She doesn't want to hand hold a mic.

Any advice gratefully received....

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I heard one of these a few months back - a dancer was using one for her warmup group and it was very loud for a small box and sounded pretty nice! Needs a dynamic headset of course, but something like the Shure WHO20 with a standard XLR output might fit the bill? They're cardioid too, which again can help setup for solo performers as feedback is less of an issue.
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If she didn't want a mic that visible a small mic pre-amp would allow her to use any of the more discrete electret offerings, anything from CPC to DPA, though the budget-end ones might need a bit of connector-bodging.
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With regards to the active speakers, If she can afford to go up a range from the DBR to the DXR she really will notice a considerable difference.


Although the active yamaha stuff do have on board mixers, there is no EQ as such and using small capsule headset units you will need some sort of EQ.


I have pretty much all the leading headset mics in stock, DPA, Countryman, Sennheiser etc etc. The results you can get with some of these from a good engineer are brilliant.


If its a dry hire where there is no component engineer we find the best results when we send the cheap shure units.

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