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Source for super-bright LEDs?

Karel Bata

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I'm building a light source for an immersive arts installation and am looking for a couple of really bright but small LEDs. I was going to use lasers, but this will be in a venue for a month, and I'm not happy leaving lasers unattended.


Any ideas?


Do you want something tightly focused or a wide spread? If focused have a look at the LED (with zoom) torches on ebay/amazon. Some bodergy could be done to arrange a power supply rather than using a battery. If a wide spread hen have a look at LED floodlights from the same sources.

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Those torches are amazing. But I need something that's 2 to 4 times brighter - one red and one blue. They need to be on for a long time and focussed tightly to about 0.3m diameter at 2m distance. I was going to use lasers (I even did a laser safety course!) but I got put off that by some nasty safety issues. So I'm wondering if I took the optics off a torch and added a more powerful LED... Now I have to find the LEDs and heat sinks.

Must be a specialist company somewhere. LEDs are everywhere now. And so quickly!


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High power LEDs shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’m looking at fitting some LEDs to my last pair of Miniscans, and the LED/driver/optic combination I’m thinking of using are given in this thread. Hope this information is of some use to you.


Edit: computer heatsinks are an effective cooling solution for LEDs.

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I would be very surprised if you can't find a torch bright enough. Have a look at the torches aimed at the shooting/hunting market (search "Lamping"). These often have different coloured LEDs or filters that fit the torches to change the colours, and are used at 200+ meters so are very bright. Have a look at the LEDLenser brand
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What about coloured LED MR16 type lamps ? Generally for 12 volts supply and only use a few watts. If the beam angle is too wide, then consider some form of improvised housing with a focussing lens, readily available in the required red and blue, thereby avoiding losses in a colour filter.
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