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American DJ SP-1500 DMX MKII Strobe delay


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We got one of these for school but are finding it has a delay for strobing when its not been used for a bit. Looks like it needs to "warm up" so to say. Im using a Pearl Expert Pro to control it. Does anyone know if there is a way to preheat it? so it strobes instantly? If not I may have to go down to route of looking for a newer LED one.









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Have you tried turning up the dimmer channel to full a few seconds before you need it, but with strobe channel set to 0? (which according to the manual should not strobe) . Or the other way round, but I would have thought the Pearl will have the Strobe channel as LTP so that will probably have a value set on it anyway.


I don't know if that will help, but if it's gone into some sort of standby mode because both channels are at 0, that might wake it up.


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Delay wise its a couple of seconds if it hasn't been used for a while, otherwise it is instant if it has. The way we usually use it is by using the swop button to switch between whatever scene we are in to the strobe effect then back again. Our head of department likes putting slow Mo strobe scenes in thing than switching instantly back to what ever state we were in before hand. I can time it to press the grey flash key to warm it up sometime in advance before its needed but sometimes its not an easy option. I will have a play around later Tim. I did think if I set a level of 5% or something like that on its fader channel so its outputting but not enough to be seen it may fix the problem but like I said I will play.
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