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Cleaning and re-proofing masking drapes

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I need to get some Black Wool Serge curtains cleaned and re-proofed - and maybe some minor repairs (small rips).

Does anyone have recommendations of a company that do this. I've had a quote from Camstage but would like to get a second.

In or near London a bonus but if I have to courier them then it doesn't make much difference after that.

I do need a swift turn around though.





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Can you find anyone who can and will return them clean, and the same size as before, and the same black as all the other pieces that you have, especially at a price competitive with having new DFR or IFR curtains made and delivered.

That's always been the problem.

I have a stack of tabs, legs & borders in our stores because trying to get them cleaned/repaired to the same required standard after a few years' use for anywhere near the replacement cost has proven pretty nigh on impossible. Even if you're paying 50% or so of new cost it's probably not worth it as re-treatment will never be as good as the original.





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I would try blackout (and possibly hawthorns) in London. Can’t recommend either for this, as I’ve not used them for cleaning and repairs, but considering the amount of drape both rent out they must clean and repair their own stock, so that’s why I’d try them. If they don’t want to take on the job I’d ask them for a recommendation of someone who might.
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