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Plastic pipe covered safteys


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Are they rated for lifting? How can you inspect a lifting apparatus if it's hidden inside a pipe? How can you cut the plastic off while ensuring that NO steel strands will be nicked scratched or cut?

But if you do damage the wire at least you'll be able to inspect itrolleyes.gif


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Can you determine the swl? And the inspection status? A hard steel (it's sharp so it must have some hardness) will certainly nick tensile steel. It's up to you you've paid nothing for a web comment, that's all the liability I accept. If you are certain it's safe then you do as appropriate, I've just offered things to look at.
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I purchased 3mm safetys a couple of years ago when I started getting involved with a local AmDram. 10 each of 600mm, 800mm &1200mm Advert stated certified to 30Kg.


When they arrived they were plastic coated and the crimp sleeves were on the plastic. No load markings or certs.


I asked to return them, They insisted they were certified to 30Kg but were unable to supply a cert eventually they offered a 30% refund then 60% then it went quiet.


I tested by hanging up 4 strings of one of each length and hung a 56lb weight on each then monitored the increasing length over a period of 2 weeks.



Each string failed on the same hot day where the crimped plastic slipped off the end of the steel.


A solicitors letter (Fortunately free to me) had a full refund within a few days, I also passed the safetys on to Trading Standards. I never heard any more but the advert disappeared.


In my opinion the crimp should never be on the plastic but I have seen it done in many situations.


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