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“Downscaling” Video wall


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Hello all, long time viewer of posts first time I have a question!


We are a predominately lighting outfit for music festivals and corporate events.


We have in our inventory led video panels which to date we have always used as a wall for effects driven by Arkaos.


With the current sporting events we have been asked and cash in using the screen in a larger format for sports. Now up until now for such things I’ve used hdmi input source to usb on my laptop (using a dongle) resized the window to suit the screen and then fed this back out via hdmi-dvi to my mctrl 300 screen controller (telling the mctrl where to start the pixels).


What I ask is if I wanted to do this in an easier way by using a hardware scaler what’s out there and what’s recommended,


We would be looking to typically take a hdmi source from a sky box etc and rescale down to a resolution of around 504 x 504 pixels (clearly we understand the degrade in quality however that’s how we do it today anyway with the laptop and with the punters a good distance away it’s not an issue).


The panels are p5.

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Cheers I saw Kramer units.


I guess the question is more do they allow custom resolution or would it be the case need to find nearest then centre the image (and can the unit centre it rather than having to faff around on the wall driver with start pixel coordinates)

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Cheers all.


Yes I did encompass HDCP issues when taking the feed via the laptop but that's been ok (using some naff startech HDMI input dongle).


Inded I have considered the Novastar VX4, its about the right price point and added benefit that it has the sender built in which would achieve my other goal on some of the bigger events of having a backup sender.






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Have a look at Decimator HD-MX I have a few of these for a simple scaler, converter, EDID stripper. Also fits nicely in a peli case.

You may come in to HDCP issues, you can use the HD-MX to strip the EDID. I find streaming from laptops much easier and a lot less fuss for such events.


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