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Prolyte problems...


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Seems to be a bit of conflicting info online about what's happening to Prolyte Group, a company whose products I'm sure are used by many a BR member daily...


AED Group posted a copy of a letter from Prolyte which says they're in financial difficulty, but Prolyte's own web site doesn't appear to have shared the same (That I've yet found)...

In fact their own news page shows articles as recent as the last couple of weeks all looking positive...


Does anyone have any more detail??

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No more detail, but that letter looks fairly final. It's no surprise there is nothing on Prolyte's own website about it - they will be wanting to keep things looking normal for as long as possible to help cashflow.



Also, the person who updates the website may well have already been told their services are no longer required. It's not unusual for these things to filter out by other means.


Shame, I always quite liked Prolyte's approach to these things.

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Allegedly they have had some financial issues with the European end of the business, but the USA office is fine, it has a Wearhouse full of stock and is trying to continue. They have now put up a post to that effect on their FB page.

The rumour is it's likely the business will split if they can not meet the financial commitments of the European end of the business and Asia and the USA will try to continue. It will depend on who ends up with the IP and patents for the products as to how they continue.

The Truss market is saturated now with the many Chinese copy brands and several new players coming in over the last couple of years one of them founded and run by ex prolyte staff, it's going to an interesting time for them if they manage to get through this.

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