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CCTV camera


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I'm after an IR CCTV camera just foe seeing who is/isn't on stage during a blackout.

Needs a 10-12 mm focus lens because of where it will be placed and usable over about 15-20 metres.

Preferably one which will connect to a VGA PC monitor as I have a few spare ones.

Also must be fairly cheap, less than €50 as I will be buying it myself, out of my OAP and it will only be used 2-4 times a year.

I've looked on Ebay, AliExprees and Banggood but there are lots of cameras but the searches don't seem to show any matching my criteria.

Any ideas?



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Composite to VGA convertor as mentioned.




pair of these or similar, dinnae fork about with RG59 or shotgun cables




Low / star light cams are pretty good now, varifocal lens will cover you up past 12mm.

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Another way would be if you also have a spare computer Easy-capture clones are on eBay


Composite in USB out then to computer and VGA monitor


One way is about 5.00 with viewing / recording software

like eBay item 123677351119

4 way will give you upto 4 composite ins for about 8.00 and the included software gives lots of recording choices, 4 way screen or just one


like eBay item 280731207320 (sorry I could not find one in UK)


That far from the stage you might be on the edge of the camera's IR output, consider a couple of IR illuminators to give more bash, can they mount any nearer?


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I've seen some CCTV cameras using the newer digital formats (TVI and AHD) where they run a HD-resolution signal down standard 75ohm coax, and have a decoder box at the end of the run. The models I used on one job offered VGA, HDMI, and composite output. We were converting to HDMI to go into a vision mixer and the latency wasn't bad at all.


Might be a bit out of budget but a lucky eBay find could hit the spot.

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Bought one of these, it arrived yesterday https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-0MP-1080P-HD-IP-Camera-SAE60-NX3C2004M/32284450248.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.22384c4dtfjvig

Looks like what I need. Connects via IP address via a router to my laptop.

However the supplied software, and setup instructions are beyond me.

Video is not one of my areas in which I have any knowledge.

Seems to want a old version of Firefox and a plugin that doesn't appear to be availble.

Any recommendations for software that I can use?

Doesn't need to support multiple cameras, record facility, sound, remote access etc.

Just need to send an image from the camera to my laptop.

Only need to see what is happening onstage during a blackout.



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