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Stream GoPro live to projector


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A student of mine wants to use a GoPro head camera to wirelessly live project their face onto a screen.

They are having trouble with the set up and seem to think the only way to do it is via an iPad or iPhone.

I’d rather go via a lap top as I perceive that to be more stable and would allow for easier integration with other content.


Has anybody done this and do you have any pointers?

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Not sure how much of a problem latency will be for them.


The problem she seems to be having is that the GoPro will only talk to an app on either an iPhone or pad.

Is anyone aware of being able to stream direct to a computer (Mac or pc - have both available).


OpenBroadcast looks interesting from the website. But can it connect direct to the GoPro or does it need something in between?

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If it isn't critical for this to be wireless, then all Hero X Black editions have a micro HDMI output (which is a direct output of what the camera is seeing). So you could run a cable tether to the person, similar to what you'd get with a proper VR headset. If distance would be an issue, then conversion to SDI or whatever would be possible but would require power.


An alternative would be to use a phone instead of the gopro, and use the NDI camera app to create a NDI stream. Personally I'd set up a dedicated wireless network for this, to ensure a reliable connection, but YMMV. You can quite easily find phone mounts/grips which have a strikingly familiar mounting system.

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Bit of an update - thanks for the input.

Latency not an issue.

Does have to be wireless and does have to be a GoPro.


I have passed her the link to Open Broadcast but she’s not looked at it yet.


It works well streaming to a phone or iPad and then direct via HDMI to a projector however that’s not going to work for the show. What she wants achieve is:

Nothing on screen

Puts on head cam and live video appears on screen

Takes off camera and screen goes to black again

After a pause pre recorded video appears on screen.


I have access to an oldish Mac Mini which will be running sound on Qlab for the rest of the show.

Other Mac laptops (I have a gut to do this in a separate machine to the sound).

PC laptops (Win10).


Would anyone like to suggest a solution either via Open Broadcast or streaming video to a phone, outputting to laptop then to projector ? Or some other way?

Trying to keep things simple but struggling.

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I have used OBS quite a bit but not in this exact situation, but OBS is very good at taking in streams so you should be able to set up the Gopro to stream straight into OBS. As a fallback it can act as a web browser and stream the picture from that, so if you can get the gopro feed up on a web browser then you can definitely get it into OBS.


It is fairly simple to set up transitions to/from different sources and play back pre recorded files - you can set it up to look like a production switcher with a multiviewer screen or just switch sources from a list.


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