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Achieving 3200k with ETC coloursource spot


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As I understand there is a 6 channel 'direct' mode across the ETC ColorSource range which has a separate control for each colour mixing component. Are you able to change the mode?


I don't have a unit in front of me but I'm pretty sure the menu system is either DMX address or preset colour, no option to change the mode unless you can via RDM?

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From page 7 of the latest manual:


Changing the DMX control mode


You can set the DMX control mode for the fixture to one of four available mode options.


1: Press any button to wake the display. The display shows the DMX address.

2: Press and hold the Mode button for 3 seconds. The display shows the current DMX control mode.

3: Press the Up and Down buttons to change the DMX control mode.


  • '5ch': 5-channel mode (intensity, red, green, blue, and strobe). This is the default mode.
  • 'dir': Direct emitter control (intensity, red, green, blue, indigo, lime, and strobe).
  • '1ch': 1-channel mode controls the intensity of preset 1 (defaults to 3200K White).
  • 'r9b': RGB mode (red, green, and blue).

4: Press the Mode button to confirm your selection.


The display will automatically return to the DMX address after 10 seconds of inactivity, and edits to the DMX control mode will not be saved. This cancels unsaved changes.

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The values I got were by patching a colorsource spot and putting it in 5 channel direct mode, selecting 3200K then hitting about to see th edmx values. I guess the DB version has the extra indigo channel


I can try again with a colorsource DB which should get 6 channel mode if you think the deep blue should also be in there, but it's easy enough, as has been suggested to just download the software, patch a fixture to match what you have, then use about to see what the desk would output (that's how I did it).

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