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Factory Reset a Panosonic projector?


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I am after some help as to the possibility of being able to reset the following projector: Panasonic PT-DW 7000E-K



I have a current set up with a 0.8 lens and I do not seem to be able to achieve the size of screen. When I set a test screen, some of the circle is not visible e.g. top and bottom are not fully registering.

I have checked features like Blanking etc.


In typical fashion, I inherited the unit and whilst I have a working remote for the projector, I do not have the "proper" remote control. There appears to be functions available (i.e. reset!) on the official unit remote that I do not have access to on my remote.


I have read the manual and the only option listed for a factory reset is via the proper remote.


I am wondering if anyone has a workaround or a way of achieving this via the projector menu's.


I am looking at the factory reset due to lack of options.


Many thanks in advance.




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I don't know if you can do a factory reset on the older Panasonics in the way you want. You can factory default the network settings but that won't help.


Have you checked blending? If not, try deleting all the signal list entries and reacquire the signal. Have you put a monitor in to make sure you are sending the correct signal to the projector.


What signal are you sending the projector?

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From memory...so this might not be accurate


Lamp the unit on


Press power button once


On the keypad on the side of the projector press up, left, down, right enter to access the service menu... After that you're on your own!

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