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Meyer used to use Amphenol EPs (along with D&B and others). I prefer them to speakon (metal body, can daisy chain without annoying couplers), but they seem to have gone out of fashion.

Not sure about price in the UK, but in the USA the EP series sold for about 3x the price of SpeakOn.

After the era of using AC mains "twist lock" connectors faded, the EP series became the de facto choice; when Neutrik introduced the SpeakOn the popularity of the EP series faded except with the high priced speaker systems and Clair/ShowCo/DB Sound proprietary systems. A USA-centric view from this side of the Big Pond.


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Part 2:


Can anyone name this multipin snake connector?




Interesting sidetone to the original question: I noted yesterday that the train I catch uses Amphenol EP-6 connectors to control something to do with the doors.

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