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IP65 LED Units


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With the market changing so quickly it's difficult to keep up with what's current.


I'm looking at buying some IP65 'PAR cans', not that they have to look like a PAR can at all. They can be long or short, flat or round. It doesn't matter. What they have to be is IP65 and bright. And have a similar beam width to a PAR MFL, so about the 30/40 degree mark.


There are some well priced units out there until you notice that the DMX and mains connectors are non-standard, not supplied as standard, and expensive for what they are.


In my head I don;t want to pay more than about £150 per unit.


Has anyone bought anything recently that they'd recommend?

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Does either a power of control connector exist that meets your IP requirements? I could pour resin into a flat LED PAR but the connectors always let some water in.


But it's easier to waterproof a connector outdoors than it is a complete lantern.

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I have been offered IP65 LED PAR units with Powercon True 1 that are IP65 rated when mated. Considering changing over to these for my next set of IP65 led pars for convenience of being able to make custom length cables myself.


This may open up your selection range of IP65 led fixtures and get away from multiple versions of molded leads.

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Hello all,


I'm in the same position as Brian was last year (although trying to be more of a skinflint, setting a target price of no more than £100 per unit). Looking at around 30 exterior LED pars. I've not yet done any serious shopping around, but a quick Google brings this up as looking the best value so far My link


Any more suggestions?



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