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building a storage cage

Dave m

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we got into trouble for building a timber framed and ply covered wall to section off a big open space as storage.

We had to take it down.


So I wondered if anybody had either built a cage out of key Clamp and mesh, or some other material.

It's basically just to keep stuff where it should be and not go walkies


I see that Harras fencing panels only seem to be about £25 so they might be a cheap option?



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I have used Heras and clamps, pedestrian barriers and even those tall, wire meshed, wheeled cages that supermarkets use for deliveries.


I would probably build something out of tube and clip scaffolding and mild steel reinforcing mesh from a builder's merchants for anything semi-permanent. It's about £18-£20 per sheet of 8ft X 4ft to the public.

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Why did you have to take down the original ?


If for fire risk, then yes steel mesh panels and steel framing should be fine, various patented systems are available. Heras fencing is worth considering but is only moderately secure, worth considering against walk in theft in occupied premises. Not much good overnight as a thief sized hole is easy to cut, but OK of course if the whole premises are properly secure at night.


With a little ingenuity it is possible to pass current continually through a series of Heras fence sections so as to trigger an alarm if it be dismantled. An infra red beam detector will detect any attempt at climbing over.


For really good security it is hard to beat a secure type of portable building that is placed within the main building.




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the original modification was a 2x4 framework fitted to the walls and a door added.

this sectioned off a bulge in a corridor


Our property services got huffy and instead that it was rebuilt out of fire safe plasterboard et and wanted £5k for a 4 metre run of wall.


I want to use the same space as a temporary store and the mesh would prevent stuff being dumped in the space (which happens now) and keep what's there....there.

Not high security.


The idea of the entirety metal structure is that it won't burn or interfere with smoke alarms etc.

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