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Painting a bashed up old lamp?

Karel Bata

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Got a couple of old lamps - balck anodised aluminiumn - that look a bit scratched and worn, but work fine. A touch of black paint would make them look nicer, and I'm sure they'd work even better!


What should I use? Im looking at matt black hammerite https://www.amazon.c...l/dp/B0041WALBG


Cheers! http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif

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Hermetite, maker of decent gasket goo also made Pot Black, it was the absolute worst heat proof paint, it flakes off.


VHT, ex Sperex with picture of lunar module on tin, now appears from Simoniz , JP1 and Hycote and is the choice of heat resistant matt black, thin coats and bake on for preference.

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