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Most Stupid Request......


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Thirdtap really started this one in another topic, and it just got me wondering.....

why is it that if you work in the Technical Department, people are of the opinion that you can do other strange and bizarre jobs for which you have absolutely no training / interest / responsibility for what so ever.........

so whats the most rediculous request anyone has ever asked of you at work?

Mine....unblocking the gents toilets....I refused point blank, and secondly at a venue where I was a resident technician - every Sunday evening we had to set up the conference room with tables / chairs etc for Weight Watchers ready for monday morning....just what you wanted to be doing after a full days get in and fit up.....I don't think!!!! (Most annoying was the fact that FOH would have spent the day sat upstairs in the office doing very little!!!! <_< )

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I've had it assumed for an amuter event in a hall that beccause I was sorting out their lighting I was sorting out their sound - That was OK when it was sorted, What wasn't OK was when they assumed I would also be sorting out the interval refreshments.
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Off the top of my head.

Because I was operating the lights for an incoming show, they complained that I hadn't sourced and recorded all of their sound cues. The show was sooooo bad that the local paper who are very easy on most productions wrote a very bad review stating I think '... I was left wondering if the wigs of the two prinicpals (ahem cough cough cough) would start mating during the show'

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This has got to be my favourite request ever:

I was working in a theatre a few years ago where the local amature group were putting a show on in the, then, un-equipt studio space.

We put up a touring lx rig for them, but the day the director came to discuss their requirements the space was empty.

It was an empty space, a converted attic space. The only light was from the row of velux windows that repalced most of the roof. It was a bright sunny day and the room was lovely and bright.

The director loved it, she really wanted to keep the lighting and the space exactly as it was.

She was quite disappointed when I had to explain that not only could I not arrange for the sun to stay on during the night time show, but I was going to have to fill the lovely openness with fake lighting!



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one of our box office lads was asked:


'can I have an aisle seat please, facing the stage'

Though I'm sure we all know many theatres with seats that don't face the stage. I remember sitting once in the 'slips' at Newcastle Playhouse where you get a great view across the auditorium, but have to crane your neck sideways to see the damn stage!

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Oh just remembered a common request.

Working in a venue with retractable seating. Seating was retracted half way during fit up to allow lighting access for the the tower and ladders.

Conversation would go -

Tech 'So what are your rough plans for this week?'

Director ' Sunday get in and run through, Monday tech and full dress rehearsal.

Tuesday dress reheasal and Wednesday we open.'

Tech ' No problem ~muttering~ no tech either'

Director ' Um are you going to pull the seats out for the show? Because we have two full houses at the weekend!'


Stupid? Well let me explain that when the seats are retracted for the get in period the first 8 rows are pulled back. This means that the only seats laid out at that time are the 4 back rows starting about 7 feet up in the air.


I did sometimes give equally stupid answers such as ' oh you didn't mention that on your booking form so sorry I can't do anything about it' or ' You want the seats out? That's going to cost you in overtime' Then watch them try to work out if you were serious.

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I had a similar thing happen to me - motorised seats were neatly packed away for a cabaret style show. The stage hands had just finished lighting all of the candles on the tables with seats all around, the lights were dim and the audience were half an hour away. The producer (not being told) comes up to me and asks when I'm going to pull all of the raked seating out - whilst sitting at a candle lit table - no accounting for stupidity.
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We join our young tech during a plotting session.


Director 'Now we change scenes to oustside. Very bright front light please'

Tech ' Ok' does his stuff. 'Hows that? Most lights are at 100%'

Director ' Yes that's nice..... urm that light there is it on?'

Tech ' Yep it's on let me just check, yes it's faded up to 100%'

Director ' 100%?'

Tech wondering why this question has popped up after using the term for 2 hours

' 100% means fully on'

Director ' Thanks. So that light is at 100%?'

Tech ' Yep'

Director ' Great now can you make it (that light) brighter?'

Tech now searching for the dial to turn it up to 11.


Slowly fade to black.



Another reasonable request.

Got a call to go to the foyer. Met by a passing member of staff who has been intercepted by some mumblies. Asked how could I help them and was told that they were there to put up their paintings in the foyer and they needed our picture hooks. Went off to look for picture hooks. No sign in the workshop so I asked other members of staff who couldn't help me. Found out the number of the local hardware shop, called them asked if they stocked picture hooks and prices. Went back to mumbly group and told they we didn't have any on site but they could purchase they locally. Chief woman mumbly said 'Oh we didn't think you would have any so it is a good thing we brought our own'



Another part of my life gone forever.....

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Guest Stuart B

Some years since, I lit a Private Lives at our place. Lighting rehearsal, during second interval, about to go up on scene three, in the city apartment.


Director & me, in the auditorium, me relaying a query to director from stage management.


Me: "Do you want the curtains open for the start of this?"


Director: "What, the big red ones?"

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I had to sit along side a conversation recently between a sound op and the dance teacher who's kids were performing;


Teacher: The music shouldn't stop there, there is more.

Op: But thats the end of the track.

Teacher: But there is more dance, we had more music in reheasals we need more.

Op: There is just this track on the cd you gave me and I have just played it all.

Teacher: Well can you just keep it playing until the dance finishes?

Op: But that music you just heard is all you gave me

Teacher: Yes thats right, play that but then keep it going until they stop dancing

Op: you want me to loop it?

Teacher: No just keep it playing


And so it went on...for some time

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I think I can beat all of these...


On an opera the set consisted of a large raked stage with a big pool of water in the middle. During the tech the designer came to me and said that the water couldn't be seen from the stalls and could we rake it.



Same opera... At the concept meeting we were shown the set model and a wall was to fly in on the diagonal (no problem) and then it was to tip forward as though it was falling over (quick bit of maths and again no problem, this is the maximum angle we can get).

Designer shows us on the model how we can tip it further into the auditorium by sticking masking tape to the back of the pros arch and letting the wall fall forward. Funnily enough, I didn't think this would be safe...


Different opera. Director asks me if I have any Black Gel. I reply "of course I have but normaly I just don't turn the lamps on..."


I'm sure I have more.

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