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Which Fiber Optic to choose from?


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HI All


I have recently installed a 4K projection system in the main space in the theatre where I work. The unit is a DCI compliant Sony 510 4K projection system with all bells & whistles. All is installed and works relatively well.


At the time of tender, I secured an alternative content/scaler with a variety of inputs in order to facilitate conferences and/or other events that may be required. I am now looking at the possibility of adding in Fiber lines to/from the stage & live op positions. This being to enable sensible usage of HDMI/SDI/DVI enabled equipment from stage but also as a look towards the future etc.


I am researching as to what is the best type of Fiber to install. The main intention is to enable HD signals to the new 4K projector whilst enabling expansion of lighting & audio networking. I have installed Cat 5e/BNC over the years but how quickly this cable becomes old..


I appreciate Fiber is expensive. I know there are a couple of options with Cat 6s but I might as well look to make the jump and give it a 10 year head start...


My main query is to whether to go with single mode or multi-mode fiber?


90% of my hooks up will be laptops or similar but I do get RTE (BBC here) in with various items and if I could accommodate them that would be a bonus. The cable run is easy from the OB truck point.


I am unsure as to which one (single-multi) is the best one to choose from. No doubt I will not be able to afford either plus converters at each end!


I would grateful for any feedback people may have.



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With the addition of the scaler, I can only access the projector through this device. The inputs being a mixture of HDMI, SDI & VGA.


I ser where you are coming from 4K but realistically, the main requirement will be HDMI (laptop).

The system is a cinema package first and foremost. The fiber et al options is to help use it sensibly for gigs etc.



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Hi all


I think I need to expand my knowledge!


I have been speaking with the projector installer and he is going to give me a quote for various lengths of Fiber.


I have not looked at or was aware of Hybrid Fibre HDMI - 2160p60 4:4:4. The prices quoted seem much more reasonable than I was thinking of!



This is all good food for thought.


I am debating whether or not to purchase pre-made lengths of cable and install them as opposed to installing off a drum and having them terminated on site. I have yet to price either which way. I have read through the previous threads on fiber in the blue room and see the pro's & con's.


My plan is to have 2 fiber points on stage and 1 at the live ops positions. The 3no. points would be permanent mounts. The 3 cables would feed back to a splitter or suitable panel adjacent to the projector in the control room. At either end, I would be placing a converter unit that would be give me access to HDMI, SDI, DVI etc. Ideally I would eventually place a converter/balun at each onstage connection and leave them in permanently.

I reckon I will end up doing this install piece meal and install the cable by end of summer (if I have the budget). Then I will look to buy the units in the new year (already!)



Thanks for all the pointers.





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It would be worth trying to avoid converters all over the place as this will add latency. (which probably won't be an issue most of the time by the sounds of what you're expecting to plug in, but if you can avoid it I would)


My preference for fibre TX/RX kits (although certainly not the cheapest) are the Lightware Modex kits. They are modular so you can have network, DVI, HDMI, SDI, Audio, Serial, Network etc... sent down a single fibre. Some modules also support 4k so would allow you to upgrade should you have the need in the future.


If you have external hires bringing in their own kit then id suggest patch panels were much more useful than a fixed hybrid fibre as they could use the patch with their equipment. (and likewise, you could hire in if you needed something specific which wasn't worth you purchasing)

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We have found the RuiPro Hybrid Fibre (Optical for the Video with embedded audio plus copper for DDC) to be much more reliable and system friendly vs. the Active Fibre (usually with detachable USB powered heads) and will carry 2160p60, 4:4:4 which the Active Fibre tends to struggle with on longer runs.






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