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Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide


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I am very proud to announce the launch of the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide.




The aim is to provide information about what you should know and be aware of rather than a 'how to do' guide.

That way when things are done in a certain way, there is a logical explanation and things are more likely to be implemented and maintained.


Comments are welcome!

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You are one persistent little antipodean, aren't you? Well done Roderick, I trust you feel it has been worthwhile and take it easy for a bit while people get a handle on it. Good work mate!


The mods might want to stick a linky in the library for a permanent short-cut?????????????

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As an aside you might want to look at some of the formatting on the site Roderick, at very a cursory glance there appear to be a few formatting errors.


From inconsistent paragraphing/line breaks on the about page:



To issues with the HTML phrase tagging, here:



I know it might be a bit pedantic, but if anything is likely to put people off subscribing to this sort of thing it's presentational issues such as this.

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Thank you for the comments, let me try to explain a couple of things.


After many years of trying to get an Australian version of the Purple Guide of the ground, and not getting anywhere, I decided a year ago to go it alone. I ran a crowdfunding exercise to get some starting capital but that money ran out several months ago. I had made a promise to deliver this resource and did.


Yes, it is a subscription website, similar to the Purple Guide.

Unfortunately it costs money to write this stuff, it took me a year to get this far, and then there is the cost of running the website and maintaining the content.

Our government isn't really interested at the moment so it is coming out of my pocket with support from a number of businesses and individuals.

Happy to make it all free if someone wants to pick up the bill.


And yes, the site for the moment is hosted by CX Magazine, the Australian trade magazine for entertainment technology. The simple reason is that they have a tried and tested paywall system and offered to help me getting this initiative off the ground. If you understand what it takes to take subscriptions and maintain privacy for all subscribers, you will appreciate that is a huge burden taken off my shoulders. And yes they are outspoken but all have a background deeply rooted in the industry.


ABlackmore, thank you for your comments. This is the first time I have used WordPress for a site, pure evil as far as I am concerned, and been having tons of formatting issues.

Will have a look at this, let me know if there are other glitches.

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