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Sennheiser 2.4Ghz Antennae Distriburion Amp for 8 sytems?


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First post!

I have been recommended the Sennheiser EW D1 Radio mics.

I want to install a 4'u' rack of 8 Receiveres but I can't find a suitable 2.4GHz Antennae Splitter/Dist Amp. I don't think 16 aerials on the back of the receivers is a good idea!

A central receiver Power supply would also be useful.

Any help appreciated.

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Line 6 make one for their 2.4G mics but I wouldn't know if it's entirely compatible with a different manufacturer's kit.


The Line 6 has BNC outputs, the Sennheiser uses R-SMA connectors.

The Line 6 has two 9V outputs and can power a total of 8 units using the supplied Z daisy chain cable. The Sennheiser psu is a nominal 12V and from memory seems to have a bespoke connector on the end.

Sennheiser do not appear to offer an antennae distribution system at 2.4GHz. They do suggest rack mounting and placing the supplied antennae on the rack, when a single receiver is used, but that doesn't seem possible when two are racked side by side.


Perhaps Sennheiser are quietly telling us something....

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Thanks for your replies. Mm mm, makes me nervous about buying 8. I was recommended the EW-D1 because it uses the DECT area of 2.4GHz band and so is likely to get less interference.

Any of you chaps recommend differently, and how many units areally you running?

Also worrying that CPC don'the appear to be continuing to stock them! Should I be looking at Ch65 in the UK? Help!

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Thats Theatre work in UK.


Oops, yes, except in US. I took the info I received as fact ..dangerous!!

Perhaps running 8x Line 6 XD V75'so would work ?


Sorry Fast reply posted after normal post. Some US mobile phones use 2.4Ghz but it is 1.8GHz in UK where I am - working in a theatre environment. Sour only wireless DMX and remotes for Digital desks to worry about

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Isn't DECT 1.8g?


This one is 2.4GHz.... "RF frequency ranges 2,400 to 2,483.5 MHz" and it is part of the Evolution range


Sennheiser do also make the Speechline Digital Wireless which runs on "1.9GHz" (although the DECT frequencies vary slightly by territory, 1.880 - 1.900 in Europe). This - as its name implies - is sold more as an AV speech only system.


They also make, as part of the EW series, "1.8GHz" units which operate in the 1785-1800 MHz range.



To add to GHQ's query... the helpful Sennheiser rep said how robust their 2.4GHz system was - until it ran out of channels (possible if many other users are present) when it would then fall flat on its face.

DECT (1.9GHz) isn't a preferred way forward in my thinking. If you are looking for spectrum that's fairly free, there is the 1.8GHz slot, but that (and indeed 2.4GHz) will have slightly different antenna characteristics compared to 'normal' UHF.


I think most smaller theatres are either using channel 38 or the newish 823-832MHz slot or stumping up for spot frequencies around channel 39- 40 whilst avoiding the next creaming off of spectrum by Ofcom...

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