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Live Multitracks for teaching


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Already gone to the usual sites (Cambridge MT being one of them) and found some but they were mostly Telefunken that are very clean and tidy.


I've got a few myself from past events but I was just wondering if anyone else knows of any good Live multitracks to use for teaching that are public on the internet. I don't necessarily want the cleanest of recordings (plenty of spill is totally fine and poor mic techniques are a reality).


They will be used to teach some audio mixing basics to people who want to know more about live sound. They will be from all backgrounds, some will of mixed in a studio, some for a couple of small events and some just pushed faders at a church. I will be running it through an analogue console with some associated outboard as I still believe that learning the basics on analogue is still the best (and I don't get to use an analogue setup much anymore so it'll be nice for me too).


PS. I also know that it won't be like mixing a real band live as there will be no stage noise (and no musicians...) but having some bleed and unclean sources will be better than nothing! This is also not a commercial venture, just giving people some hands on.



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