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Confetti Cannon Firing


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I'm looking at a show requiring a number of hidden confetti cannons, but I have no experience of them.


These will do the trick in terms of fitting where they need to and performing do what we need them to do, but the control unit is an issue!


My plan was to extend the wires and have the control unit hidden away, but then I got to thinking do I need the controller at all! could I just fire then from a Pyro controller? or have one controller and fire all 6 at once by wiring then back to a single unit.


Does anyone have any experience of doing this? or know the technical spec. Are all the electric cannons made to a standard? I.e based on same firing requirements with the same connector on? as there are many brands of what look to be the same product.


Any help would be appreciated.

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What control unit are you looking at that is the issue? Compared to the size of the tube, the usual firer on the end is not that much bigger?


We have two and I assume they have some kind of transformer in them, heard varying stories about what the voltage is.


In answer to being cross compatible - yes, we have the Showtec firing units and have hired additional TCM units in the past and always used them with Magic FX cartridges.

I can't see wiring several cartridges into one off the shelf firer working, as it would surely be designed with the power to fire one cartridge. Also got to consider the mounting of the units if you're not using the bases.

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