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moving LED's

the kid

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Maybe its just to create an effect on how they all look, if one had several of these then you could move them nicely and make nice effects, say on the top of the stage, or front floor of stage.. expensive though, ill give you that.



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Great fixtures for restaurants or other places where you need a quiet fixture that isn't so bright... something like the Coemar one... Eventually someone will probably do something with lenses and brigher LEDs but I think still quite a long time till that is a reality...

Anyone seen the 6 spot LED molefay? I saw it somewhere but never tried it before. I try to stay away from LED stuff unless its tiles for video... at the moment I prefer my discharge sources... :(

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If you get the chance pop into the footlights Bar and restaurant in Cambridge City centre


They have loads of the iColours installed and loads of pulsar croma spheres


quite interesting to go in while restaurant


as thes use the movers postions onto tables in very subdued colours with the spheres as ambient light


yet at night as a bar/ club all the fixtures come alive colour changing and moving soft focused smooth coloured beams all over the place


the best thing is that because of the low temps and power ratings they keep the place cool and can be posioned very close to wall and cloths

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I best makes some comments here as we distribute both Ayrton and Coemar


The original Easycolour that some of you have seen and played with and is rentable from Stage Electrics now has a bigger brother called unsurprisingly the easycolour 2, this has double the qty of Led's


They are rentable from White Light.


The Coemar I-wash has gone through a number of changes before its full release and we are waiting for the final version to come through this month.


Both the I-wash and the Easycolour 2 have similar output. The I-wash has an extra white LED in the centre which allows you to play with the the hue's of the colours but its 40% higher priced than Aryton.


IN my opinion both the easycolour 2 and the I-wash led give a good account for themselves up against and 250watt discharge wash light.


ET now ran an article on the Coemar product last week but I have been unable to find it on their website even though it was in the printed copy

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