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Pen to write on plugs and tungston fixtures


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Did a bit of googeling for this but no joy.


Looking for ultra permanent ultra head resistant 'ink' pens for writing on rubber 15a plugs and strand tungsten fixtures. There is stuff written on the sued fixtures we have brought so such a thing must exist. Silver ink would be good.


Possibly I am looking for two pens, and solvent to remove old markings would be good.


What are they called and advice on where to get them would be great.



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Servisol spray should clean up your plugtops.


Personally, I'd not write on them - come up with a more eloquent way of labelling, although if you insist on it, any permanent marker should do.


+1 to not writing directly on fixtures. May seem like a good idea now, but if the time comes such that you want to move them on, you may come to regret it. Also, it just looks horrid.



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