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Strand SN110 Nodes

Glyn Edwards

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Whilst rummaging in the back of a cupboard I've just found a pair of unused SN110 nodes, both with 2 x DMX Out connectors on the front panel. Sadly I don't have anything capable of producing Shownet any more.


Cosmetically they appear to be very similar to a Pathport C series node, are they actually Pathport Nodes rebadged? If so is it possible to reflash them so they run on a contemporary protocol? (Ideally SaCN)


If not is anybody interested in taking them off us to augment an existing install?



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I believe those Strand nodes are indeed Pathport node hardware, so you may be able to reflash them with the Pathway firmware which does handle sACN.


Unfortunately I have no idea how, but perhaps you could start by looking up how firmware updates were handled by Strand.

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